Friendship Students have numerous opportunities to connect with God and serve others outside of their normal weekly meetings.

Winter Retreat: After Christmas

Students travel to a retreat site to experience group Bible study as well as individual times of reflection. Corporate Bible study and praise and worship are also included as students learn to apply Biblical principles to everyday situations.

DNOW Weekend: Early March

Students stay in the homes of church members in small groups by age and gender. These small groups have a deliberate focus on Bible study and Christian character development. All students come together for worship and large group Bible study.

Summer Camp (M-Fuge)

Camp provides students with an opportunity to get away from their regular routines and spend an extended time as a group with other churches in worship, service, and Bible study. Students participate in M-Fuge put on by Lifeway Camps. Check out this link for more information. Camp focuses on mission opportunities through organized mission projects in participation with church youth groups from across the country. Developing a heart for serving others as well as interaction with peers to accomplish a mission are just two of the valuable lessons gleaned from the camp experience.

Vacation Bible School

This isn’t your typical little kid VBS. Our VBS is a fun time of games, activities, and Bible study all while hanging out with your other students. It is a fun opportunity to draw closer to God as you get ready for the new school year.