Bible Study

We are so thankful for you and grateful for your interest in Friendship Baptist Church!  There are many great opportunities to be active and engaged in growth at Friendship, including spiritual growth opportunities, relational opportunities, physical opportunities, community improvement activities, and worship opportunities – for people of all ages.  We hope you will allow us to assist you in your spiritual growth and worship.  These Bible study groups meet each week on Sunday mornings at 9:00.

Class Location Teacher
King’s Messengers
Senior Adults
Sanctuary Hutch Hutcheson
Abundant Life  Room 305 Bubba Dodge
Grace Ladies 
Ladies of all ages
Room 304 Donna Schmidt
Adult 2
Adults (30-50 years of age)
Modular Unit 2a Robert Brown
Adult 1 
Adults (20-40 years of age)
Modular Unit 2b Larry Davis

Young Adults

Adults (20-30 years of age)

Room 306 Craig & Lee Ann Brown

College & Career

Adults (18-25 years of age)

Room 303 Kelly Hudspeth
Bed Babies Room C201 Judy Grounds & Leah Hobbs
Toddlers Room C200 Bridget Browning
2 & 3 Year Olds Room C202 Billie Stuber & Tammy Barclay
4 Year Olds & Pre-Kindergarten  Room C204 Monica Brown & Lynda Wilkins
Kindergarten & 1st Grade   Room C206  Patty Bickerstaff
2nd & 3rd Grade Room C203 Heather & Madison Reid
4th & 5th Grade Room C205 Frank & Sherry Queen
Middle School Boys  Modular Unit 1 Andrew Halligan
High School Girls Modular Unit 1 Melissa Hawkins
High School Boys Modular Unit 1 Josh Hawkins