Discipleship Classes

Small Group Discipleship Classes begin Sunday, February 18 at 6:00 p.m.

Classes for adults are:

Colossians: The apostle Paul wrote the church in Colossae to teach the sufficiency of Jesus Christ. As spiritual infiltrators tried to deceive believers into thinking they needed to add other “things” to really know God, Paul challenged his readers with the truth that Jesus is the fullness of God. We can know God fully through His Son. Meets in worship center. No cost.


Uncommon Leadership: Our mission to make disciples is unmistakable. This study will focus on helping believers fulfill that mission. Uncommon Leadership is for anyone interested in serving as a leader in the church who wants to pursue grace-filled, authentic leadership. We will discover that leadership is not so much about who we lead, but it’s about Who we follow. Meets in modular unit 1. No cost.