Malachi: The Danger of Dead Religion

You may be surprised to discover that the subject matter in Malachi, the final book of the OT, has significant implications for your life now and for your future. At the time of Malachi’s writing, the spiritual condition of the people was deplorable and wretched. Some had wanted to scale back on their worship of God. Others were highly skeptical of the worth of worshipping at all. Malachi prophesied to a nation that had reached a low spiritual condition. They had a casual approach to the worship of God and the priests were responsible for not giving proper spiritual direction and guidance. We have to ask ourselves if these conditions characterize the prevalent spiritual condition of our world today. Out of love, God calls for us to turn to Him. The Bible is our anchor in an increasingly unstable and dangerous world. Please join us as we learn together and apply the truth of God’s Word to our daily lives.

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