The Be-Attitudes

In our world today, wouldn’t it be nice to know your happiness is not dependent on having even your most basic physical needs met? If “blessed” means “happy”, what was Jesus getting at when He said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit,” or “blessed are those who hunger and thirst”? Can we possess true and lasting happiness?

In The Be-Attitudes, we will explore these “Blessed are” statements that probe the moral, ethical, and spiritual guidelines governing all people of God. You’ll discover how it’s possible that: the way down is the way up; hunger and thirst lead to satisfaction; spiritual poverty leads to spiritual wealth; mourning is the way to laughter; and having nothing is the way to having everything. What is the result of following the guidelines in this study? Christ, Himself, promised it would produce deep-down, abiding happiness.

Please join us on Sunday’s at 10:15 as we explore the Be-Attitudes.